Faucet Features Galore for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Los AngelesKitchen remodeling isn’t limited to changing the cupboards and countertops. A lot of seemingly small things, such as the style and function of your faucets, also contribute in a big way to a great kitchen’s finished look and style.

The faucet isn’t something that comes out occasionally and gets tucked back in a cabinet; it’s always front and center and in frequent use. So don’t overlook the possibilities and sheer range of styles, finishes and features.

Kitchen Remodeling and Faucet Factors to Look For:

  1. Finish – Choose from chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel, nickel, bronze and more
  2. Design – Will it have classic, turn-of-the-century lines or be minimalist and modern?
  3. Handle – Single-handle style, or do you prefer dual? More traditional kitchens usually suit symmetry, but modern design allows for more asymmetric freedom. A single-handle faucet is a space-saver and lets you control water temperature with only two motions in the same handle. Easily activated with a forearm or wrist when hands are busy or messy.
  4. Extra features and add-ons – Have a look at the following options to see which are right for you and your family:
  • Pot-filler faucet – This one is mounted on the wall near the stove and is handy for filling large pots with water, so you don’t have to go back and forth from the sink to the stove with a super heavy pasta pot, for example.
  • Built-in dispensers – Hidden, space-saving containers that dispense soap or lotion can be built right in to up convenience and reduce clutter.
  • Pull-out spray – This can be added to the main faucet head and pulled out when needed, or become a built-in feature at the side of the spout. Aside from hot or cold water, sprays can also have the option for steam, which is perfect for rinsing dishes and cleaning heavy pots.
  • Pause button on the pull-out spray wand – No need to turn off the water using the handle, as the pause button easily stops water flow temporarily when needed.
  • No-touch or sensor-activated faucets – The ultimate choice for modern kitchens, especially when hands are gooey and messy. Feels like magic!

The Invisible but Valuable Valve

Kitchen Faucet - Kitchen Remodeling Los AngelesValves are the unseen but important parts that regulate water control and are essential for the reliable operation of your faucet.

Four basic types:

  • Compression washers – simple and not costly to replace washers; note that washers do wear out, however, therefore causing possible dripping
  • Washerless ball – long-lasting and reliable; use only with single-handle faucet
  • Washerless cartridge – to use with single- or double-handle faucets; resilient and easy to maintain
  • Washerless ceramic disc – used with single- or two-handle faucets; more or less maintenance free

The range of choices is vast, from handles that include solid levers, crosses, loops and knobs, and spouts that vary from high arc to low and everything in-between.

You can opt for a faucet that is both aesthetic and functional. Ask your kitchen remodeling contractor to source one with a good warranty, preferably with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing. A final word of advice when it comes to faucets: No matter what finish you choose, never clean your faucet with abrasive cleansers that can scratch or dull the surface.

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