Home Storage Ideas to Banish Your Clutter Forever!

home remodelingHave you noticed that newer homes often seem smaller than older ones? Property developers try to maximize their investment and return by fitting as many dwellings into an area as possible, be it houses or townhouses or apartments.Regardless of the age of a home, storage space just never seems to be enough! For all of us.Let’s be creative with ideas. Some simple home remodeling can increase storage. Expand your thinking from the horizontal space to go vertical, or use wall space more effectively. Many great ideas can be applied successfully in any house.

The Bathroom

In a home where several of your family members share a bathroom, you may be short of space in the drawers and vanity for storing toiletries and supplies. Consider having shelves and cabinets built into a wall of your bathroom to hold towels and extra toiletries. A new and streamlined shower recess could open up the available space in the room.

The Kitchen

There is nothing nicer than a neat, clean kitchen that is free of clutter. When space is limited, you need as much free counter space as possible for food preparation.

If you are short of cabinet space around the perimeter of your kitchen, you can install an island in the middle of the room. This will provide valuable cabinet space underneath with more working surface on top. You can even have the sink installed into that island and create more counter and storage space where the sink used to be.

Another option is to dedicate one wall to cabinets and shelves. You can utilize the space from floor to ceiling, you can keep appliances and utensils in one convenient area, and you can even display items of crockery to add further color and character to your kitchen.

The Staircase

The area underneath the staircase is storage space, but it is often haphazard and not used to maximum efficiency.

  • home remodelingOn the stairs themselves, have a drawer built into each step.
  • Fill the area with cabinets and shelving customized to the nooks, crannies and contours of the space.
  • If it is big enough, utilize this space for a small home office. You could even close it off with louvered doors, leaving it out of sight when not in use.
  • Create a proper and organized storage closet for your home cleaning appliances.

The Living Areas

Just like the kitchen idea, one wall could accommodate floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These can be customized and built in around your fireplace or TV, or both. With a little creativity, you could eliminate the need for freestanding cabinets and shelves which take up floor space.

Another idea is to have window seats installed. This not only increases your seating for guests, it incorporates storage underneath.

To get the most out of your home’s space, you should talk to a specialist home remodeling company. Get up to date with all the trends and ideas on the market. In addition to design ideas, you can receive the advice that suits your budget.

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