Remodel Your Los Angeles Home and Bring the Outdoors In

Southern California is well known and envied for gorgeous year-round sunshine, ocean views, rugged hillsides and palm trees. So why not remodel your home to bring the outdoors in? The most sought-after Los Angeles homes are open, airy and have that feel of being one with the landscape and vistas outside.

There is much that homeowners can do with nature-inspired design and décor. Let’s look at four remodeling ideas to bring the outdoors in.

Install and Expand Windows

Spacious Family RoomThe most obvious remodel to bring the outdoors in is adding or expanding windows. If structurally possible, floor to ceiling windows will take perfect advantage of  views of the pool, rugged landscape or ocean. Otherwise, enlarged windows and bay windows brighten a home’s interior and bring the outdoors closer.

Consider each room’s position compared with where the best views are. Redesign window placements and sizes to frame those views and watch your home value go up.

Living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms often have the best potential for this kind of remodel. But every room has the potential to fit bigger windows.


A sunroom is ideal for letting in more light and making you feel part of the outdoors while at home. It makes a convenient and comfortable location to entertain guests at night or to relax during the day, even on those occasional rainy days.

With windows or screens almost 360-degrees around, you’ll feel like you’re practically outdoors, yet still sheltered from wind, noise, insects, dust, pollens and the sun’s UV rays.

A sunroom can be a great way to allow more fresh air to circulate throughout the house. Make it the connection between your main living space and the garden, patio or pool and you will most certainly bring the outdoors in.


Spacious  Master Bedroom With Vaulted Ceiling And SkylightThe outdoors is all around, including above our heads. A skylight can be the simplest remodel to bring a little piece of outside into the home. And don’t just think kitchen or bathroom. How about a skylight in the master bedroom, den or living room? It will let natural light in and you could look at the stars at night. Meanwhile, opening a skylight helps air circulate throughout your home.

Grander Entrance Ways

While a door keeps unwanted things and people out, you don’t have to let it be boring or close you off from the outdoors. A bigger entrance way looks grand for your rooftop deck, patio or just back door. Instead of the standard wooden door or sliding door, replace it with wider French doors or add a new doorway to the guest room.

Even your front door can be a place for bringing the outdoors in by adding security glass paneling either side of it. Your entrance way will have more natural light and views of the outside while remaining secure.

Many people purchase homes in SoCal simply due to location and the surrounding landscapes. These remodeling ideas will help homeowners take full advantage of the views and sunshine to seamlessly bring the outdoors into their Los Angeles homes.

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