5 Home Remodeling “Better Late Than Never” Resolutions for 2015

Beautiful Curb AppealHave you already abandoned your New Year’s resolution about the gym or your eating habits? Then it’s never too late to make a new one that you can turn into reality. Invest in that long-overdue home remodeling.

Don’t let the following 5 home remodeling ideas go unfulfilled like other New Year’s resolutions. Use each one to improve your home’s functionality, aesthetics and long-term value.

1. Improve Your Curb Appeal

New and updated landscaping improves your home’s curb appeal and adds the “wow factor”. This is the kind of exterior remodel that makes a home stand out in  cookie-cutter neighborhoods.

Thoroughly inspect current landscaping to see what’s wearing out and what great architectural or garden features are being hidden from view. Replace old bushes and shrubbery, add some fresh topsoil, and replace concrete slabs with pavers or gravel.

Landscaping goes further than mixing plants, flowerbeds and paving. A landscape architect will show you how you can design the yard you’ve always wanted. Now is the time before spring and summer set in.

2. Add a Rooftop Deck or Patio

Rooftop DeckTake your lifestyle to the next level with a restored or brand new rooftop deck. If your goal is to catch the eye of potential buyers, a wooden deck remodel that fits with the design theme of your landscaping will be impossible for them to ignore.

According to a report in Remodeling magazine, deck and patio restorations can recoup up to 81 percent of your investment. A wooden deck, steel, or composite… a glorious new patio… a rooftop terrace for partying and dining under the stars… they all add appeal to a Southern Californian home.

3. Those Sixties Roots

Many SoCal homes were built in the ’60s and it is all the rage to maintain and accentuate those funky beginnings. Have the experts show you how the floor plan can be opened up to improve the interior flow and add a modern, open-plan touch to the simple ’60s designs. Change the color plan to more neutral, add floor-to-ceiling windows to one wall (if you can), decorate with the modern minimalist style , and you are on a winner. Your 1960s home will suddenly be the chic must have.

4. A Beachy Bathroom

One of Southern California’s enduring images is the beach. Put that seaside flavor into your bathrooms. Open up to a large shower recess with very “zen” stonework, paint with sandy shades, and add shells for your drawer pulls, wall designs, even the wash basin. Add a skylight above that stone shower recess so you can see the sky and you’ll be thinking of those beach scenes from movies of the 1950s and ’60s.

5. Remodel the Kitchen

Modern Kitchen RemodelUpgrading, reducing clutter, improving mobility and modernizing the aesthetic appeal are the top reasons to remodel a kitchen. A kitchen remodel can add more value to a house than any other room. After all, it is the most used room in your home.

Total gutting of the kitchen is an option but not always necessary. Custom cabinetry, countertops, sinks, backsplashes, lighting and flooring can be done within a budget and look great.

Forget the New Year’s resolutions that have already failed. A little home remodeling will restart your 2015 for the better.

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