Structural Wood Rot

Structural Wood RotTo the left is a picture of wood rot found on a home only 5 years old.

Strange how this happens sometimes but we just finished a blog on wood rot a couple months ago and wouldn’t you know we had a job come up that had extensive wood rot. This home is only 5 years old but due to a poor installation of a side yard deck this house had to be extensively repaired.

The picture below is of the first stages of fixing the problem.

Structural Wood RotIf you look in the first photo you can see how aggressive the wood rot was on the rim joist and even some of the sub floor OSB plywood. I am not a big fan of using engineered floor joist and the like but this damage would have never occurred had the stucco membrane not been damaged or failed. You can see our partial repairs in the next picture and by using dimensional lumber this structure is even stronger now than when it was first built. Just thought I would pass this along.

If you need this type of repair I highly recommend calling a professional licensed contractor because when you are dealing with structural damage from wood rot you want to make sure you have a person who knows exactly how to handle the problem. This type of a repair requires a qualified general contractor. So if you need our services please give us a call.

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