Replacement Windows Pros & Cons

There are obvious benefits for replacing your old single glazed wood windows with new high performance dual glazed clad or vinyl windows. Just to name a few would be the thermal efficiency of installing dual glazed windows, the sound efficiency and the low maintenance of duel clad or vinyl.

There are many companies out there who offer inexpensive replacement window systems, who unfortunately don’t understand how to properly water proof these replacement windows.

Durable Replacement Window Systems

We have had many reinstallation jobs due to poor installation practices.

The main thing to consider when choosing your replacement window contractor is that he completely understands and can apply standard waterproofing procedures to ensure your new replacement windows will be functional and will last a life time.

My personal “preference” if you can afford it, is the Marvin Clad Master Window Systems. These are the top of the line replacement and new windows that I am aware of. They have the benefit of an aluminum clad exterior with a wood stainable interior. To give you an idea I installed an 8ft door set with 2 side lights about 12 years ago and recently went back to the project to see how the product held up. The doors and side lights operated flawlessly and the clad exterior looked virtually as new as when they were installed.

There are other companies like Anderson and Pella that also make very nice products. The key to getting 25 plus years out of your doors and window systems is proper installation and getting the right product for your application.

Steve Donovan over at Taylor Bros. can help you pick the right doors and windows that fit within your budget. Their website is and be sure to mention that RWT Design & Construction referred you and you will get special service.

Call us for any of your door or window needs and remember we have a full custom mill where we can replicate any door, window, molding or woodwork that you need.

Romney Tripp
RWT Design & Construction

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