Going Green With Non-toxic Insulation in Your Home

People are more and more becoming environmentally and health conscious now a days and this now includes construction – building with environmental and health concerns in mind. In this blog I am going let you know about going green with insulation in a home or office.


Insulation is very important and one of the more urgent green issues in construction. Proper insulation plays a very important role in energy saving in your home or office. The properly insulated home holds in the heat and keeps out the cold very efficiently. Asbestos and vermiculite, compound containing asbestos, have been used as insulating materials for quite a while and is found in quite a large amount of homes. It did what it was supposed to do and was simple to install. It was flame retardant and inexpensive; there were many other reasons that made it the popular choice. But unfortunately it also just happened to be highly toxic as well.

Good thing enough people came to realize that it doesn’t matter if something works well if it is highly toxic and hurting your body. We want things that work well, that aren’t slowly killing us. Right?

Non-Toxic Insulation

It is great then that there are alternatives. Not to mention we often find they are better and less expensive anyway. In the case of insulation, there is a great one made from recycled cotton. The cotton insulation is 100 percent recyclable and is non-toxic. The manufacturing process uses less energy than the manufacturing of asbestos products.

This alternative non-toxic insulation is free of VOC and CFC. VOC s (volatile organic compounds) and CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) are both very common toxic substances in older types of insulation.

Going Green in Construction

Insulation is a major part of going green in construction. The conservation of heat and reducing wasted energy is important. Yet, green construction is not about trading off one hazard for another, or reaching one goal by failing to take a look at its impact on other area. Insulation is an important part of building green; selecting environmentally safe and health safe insulation is and always should be just as important. The good news is that usually the right choice is not only the safer choice, but most often, the most inexpensive option as well.

I hope this was useful and helpful information.

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