10 Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

1.) A little known fact is that, at the top of a buyers list of needs and wants, is always STORAGE!

The more storage you can provide in your home the more value you will add to your home. It is that simple! But make sure that the closets are fully functional closet spaces . Don’t let them get cluttered. Home buyers want to be able to see what the storage is like in the home they may buy, not all your things in piles and boxes and such, clogging up the actual view of the space. They want to see a neat and organized space that they could see their own stuff in. So when trying to figure out how to upgrade your home storage is one of the easiest and most overlooked.

2.) A fully functioning and usable garage is very important if you have a garage with your home. A garage adds a lot of usable storage space as well as a place to park your car. Not all homes have garages and therefore if useable for storage and parking, will add value to your home. So if your house is on the market, take the time to clean your garage and organize it thoroughly so it can show what amazing storage and parking your home garage offers. It would be a good idea to install garage wall and/or ceiling organizing shelves so you can fully take advantage of the space your garage offers.

3.) Believe it or not eco-friendly homes tended to bring in a higher value in this green modern age. Eco upgrades end up having a pretty big return on investment. You can do such things as install water saving plumbing fixtures or tank-less hot water heaters. Try using bamboo flooring over wood. Regardless of what green method you use, green upgrades are always worth investing in.

4.) Try upgrading your plumbing fixtures in your bathrooms & kitchen. Do you have plumbing fixtures in your home that are over 10 years old? If you do it is definitely time for an upgrade. Try getting higher end finishes and materials such as brushed nickel, brass or antique copper fixtures, these are pretty inexpensive to replace. Get matching fixtures for one coordinated unified look throughout, it looks higher end and ups the value of your home.

5.) People often forget about flooring when they are trying to upgrade their homes. Updating your flooring is a great way to increase value on your home. The better the quality flooring the longer it will last and the bigger the return on your investment. So don’t forget about flooring when upgrading your home.

6.) Kitchen appliances should be up to date. Your kitchen is one of the most sought after rooms in a house. The kitchen is worth the most in your home per square foot and will make the difference of your home appealing to buyers or not. If you have appliances in your home that are 4 or 5 years old I would recommend updating them within your budget of course but just get appliances that are current with the times.

7.) Kitchen cabinets make the look of your kitchen either amazing or embarrassing. When I walk into a kitchen one of the very first things I notice is the cabinets. Updating your kitchen cabinets shows the most return out of anything else in your kitchen. Get wood over laminate surfaces and don’t be afraid to add custom features like crown molding or a wine-rack or custom wood work to set your kitchen apart from all the other kitchens out there. You can resurface cabinets and add drawer and door hardware for an inexpensive update.

8.) Theses days windows are for more than just letting in the light and viewing the scenery. Now they are also the source of air conditioning gain or loss. If I were you I would upgrade to double paned windows with higher R values to resist heat and cold transfer from outside. Double paned windows and insulated varieties all equal saving energy which in turn equals saving money. And that of course will add more value to your home.

9.) Upgrade your countertops, any room in your home that has countertops, such as your kitchen or bathrooms. The more money you spend on a higher end countertop such as concrete or granite the more return you will get for your investment and the longer it will last and keep its value!

10.) Last but not least, update your master bedroom and master bath. This is the final selling point in your home. If you have an amazing master bedroom and master bathroom your home is as good as sold. Get rid of your old tub and put in a spa tub or a claw foot tub depending on what look you are going for. Try adding some space by having vaulted ceilings and crown moldings. In the master bedroom and master bath, try adding unique touches to these two rooms to set them apart from the rest of your home and remember this is where you spend most of your time at home so make sure it is very appealing!

I hope this was helpful and gave you some good ideas of what you should do with your home.

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