Top Ways to Give Your Home a High Tech Makeover

high tech home remodelLet’s immediately put a myth to rest: high tech homes are not just for the wealthy.

An efficient and automated home is far more affordable and achievable than ever before.

Isn’t it time to spoil yourself with a high tech home remodel? Especially when upgrades can save you money while making life so much more convenient.

For Starters… Integration

Smartphones, tablets, and touch panels that are either handheld or built in can be used to operate so many things: lighting, home security systems, heating and air conditioning, home theater,  music. There’s nothing quite like walking into your home with your favorite music playing, your special beverage ready, and the temperature just right. Imagine a single touch screen to access all your controls. Start a movie or have it cued ready before you enter the room. Even remotely open the front gate or switch on the hot tub.

Benefits of a High Tech Home

  • high tech home remodelOperating systems from mobile communication devices has become very attainable and fits seamlessly into our modern lives.
  • Protection. A high tech remodel enables you to install a security solution that will protect your home inside and out, 24/7/365. Activate the alarm, see who is at the door on your screen, even remotely lock doors, or see what’s happening at home when you’re away. Maybe your insurer will give you a discount, too.
  • Save! The latest smart windows, solar panels, automatic blinds, insulations, and many other advances will drop your electric bill significantly.

High Tech Ideas for Home

high tech home remodelHere are some top high tech home remodel ideas that are affordable, yet make you feel like you’re living in luxury.

  • Solar power. A solar system reduces your energy bill and is sustainable for the natural environment. The best solar installers are up with the huge advances in home solar technology in recent years. Some homeowners can even get a rebate.
  • Home networking. Wire your home so everything is networked throughout the house and people in any room can tap into devices, TVs, music, communications and more.
  • Windows and shades. Smart windows can tint themselves when the sun gets too harsh and heats things up inside. They also have the latest technology for insulating between their layers. Blinds and shades can close or retract at a touch.
  • Low profile. Put a TV in any room so it can lower for viewing and then retract to the ceiling, or into the wall, when not in use. Design alcoves and niches to keep devices from dominating the room permanently. Even have remotely activated artwork to cover them when not in use.
  • Kitchen and bathroom. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free faucets, automatic soap dispensers, water control systems, integrated multimedia, lighting that switches on automatically as you enter or gesture, and much more.
  • Media room and office. Remodel a room in your home to become a high tech combination of media room, office and communications hub. Fit it out with comfortable theater seats, a mini-kitchen and bar, and the tech setup to enable everyone to simultaneously watch movies/Netflix, play games, conduct business and coordinate the online family calendar.
  • Outdoor life. Increase your home’s footprint. With our enviable SoCal lifestyle and climate, we can live outside all year long. And that means having the mod cons. We love built in TV and audio systems with automated covers and shutters, especially at game time as we sit around the integrated, remotely operated fireplaces and fountains with lights. Then we fix a snack or entertain guests using our luxurious outdoor kitchens. If only there were a high tech way to load the dishwasher.

There are so many more ideas for a high tech home remodel. Talk to your home contractors about them and upgrade your home for a great future.

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