Running Out of Room Means Home Additions on a Whole New Level

home additionsWhen you need more space in your home, the obvious solution is to add more rooms. With limited lot space, however, you can’t always expand outward. Don’t give up: you may have the handy option of taking things to a whole new level through a second story home addition.If the overall size or general layout of your property doesn’t allow for ground floor expansion (don’t give up the pool!), you can still have an excellent home addition that will double your square footage—simply by going up, rather than out.

A bungalow or other single-story structure gives you an excellent opportunity to take things to a whole new level. Virtually.
You love the neighbourhood and the landscaping you’ve nurtured to perfection and would rather not have to pick up and move. If you’re considering a home addition, plenty of questions will crop up. Architecturally, how will an extra level tie into my existing home? How do I establish a budget? Will my home’s existing foundation be up to the task? When you connect with experienced and reliable professional builders in the Los Angeles area, they will advise on design, structural integrity, budget guidelines and all other aspects of your home’s second story addition.

Obtaining Permission for a Second Level Addition

As with any home additions of any kind, several administrative steps must be followed before construction can start, and adding an entire new level to your home is no exception. Rely on the knowledge and experience of your licensed builder, who is familiar with local codes and requirements and will handle the hassles at city hall on your behalf.

Permits and ordinances for this type of home addition can also significantly influence what comes into play during the planning stages. The allowable square footage, for example, any possible obstruction that your home addition might create for nearby residents, or even how great a portion of the existing house can be safely constructed on are all factors that must be taken into account.

Advantages of Adding another Level to Your Home

home additionsAside from the obvious benefit of having more space, adding another level to your home also has other advantages:

  • Extend energy efficiency by expanding upwards rather than outwards. Depending on the current layout and energy consumption of your home, there may be practical cost saving considerations in adding a second story addition, as opposed to sprawling outward.
  • Garden space will not have to decrease, and current structures such as your driveway, patio and fencing don’t need to be changed.
  • Existing electricity and plumbing is already established on the main floor, making it easier to tap into and simply expand upon the existing systems.

Increasing value: when it comes to selling or refinancing your home, you’ll want to get the best appraisal possible. A second story addition is a no brainer for investment.
Need more room? The sky’s the limit!

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