L.A. Home Improvement Rebates Through LADWP and SoCalGas

Home Improvement Rebates Los AngelesDo you own a home in Southern California? Are you aware of the excellent rebates out there for making your home more efficient with its energy and water consumption? Because these rebates spell savings for any homeowner thinking of doing some remodeling. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and SoCalGas can make your remodeling costs lower. Check out some of the home improvement rebates in Los Angeles and across SoCal.

ENERGY STAR Windows and Cool Roof Rebates

LADWP offers homeowners rebates on installing ENERGY STAR  windows and also for installing Cool Roof materials. Check it out LADWP’s site under “Building Products”. Get back $2 per square foot for the windows and 20-30 cents per square foot for Cool Roof coatings. Pardon the pun, but it’s pretty cool to save energy at home and be given money back to do it.

Solar System Installation

We all know SoCal is one of the best areas in the country for solar power. Los Angeles is especially committed to using this resource by encouraging more rooftop solar systems and reducing the cost of installing them. Check out what LADWP is offering with its Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program. Then talk to your home remodeling contractor specializing in installing solar power systems. Not only can you dramatically reduce your electricity bills, you could even be taking unused electricity generated by your home and selling it. This could be the Los Angeles home improvement rebate program that keeps on giving for years.

Water Conserving Toilets

Following the incredible drought that afflicted California recently, we all realized just how precious a resource water is. Standard, old-style toilets make up a large percentage of the average home’s water consumption each month. Have your bathrooms remodeled with water conserving toilets and take advantage of the SoCal WaterSmart Rebate. It’s a cooperative venture between LADWP and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). Rebates start at $100 per approved efficient toilet. Just be sure to talk to your home remodeling expert and checking out the toilet rebate details before buying a new toilet.

Remodel Your Home and Enjoy SoCalGas Home Rebates

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your home, even a small job, your timing couldn’t be better. You can receive money back for helping our energy consumption and natural resources. SoCalGas is offering rebates for:

  • General energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Up to $6,500
  • Low-flow shower heads in your remodeled bathrooms. $15 per head.
  • High-efficiency insulation for attics and walls. Up to 15c per square foot.
  • ENERGY STAR furnaces. Up to $200.
  • Efficient water heaters. $100 rebate.
  • Tankless water heaters. $200 rebate.

Add it all up and a remodeling job for your home becomes more affordable as well as helpful to everyone.

So, now is a great time to contact your home remodeling contractors and take advantage of the great home improvement rebates in Los Angeles and across all of Southern California.

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