What You Should Know About Wine Racks

Whether you’re a person who just likes to have a small stock of wine available for friends and family or special occasions or a serious enthusiast who has a custom cellar packed with carefully-catalogued wine bottles, one of the keys to maintaining your wine collection is learning about the different types of wine rack styles available.

Wine racks hold bottles, of course, but they can also help provide the optimal conditions for wine aging, and if designed right, you can make your wine rack a beautiful show piece in your home to show off to all your friends and family.

What is the purpose of a Wine Rack?

Believe it or not there is a proper way to store your wine. Putting wine bottles anywhere, on any old shelf is not the optimum way to store your wine. Wine racks are actually designed to store your wine at the proper angle to ensure that the cork is completely covered in wine so it is prevented from drying out. When the cork dries out it interferes with the oxygen levels in your wine which in turn interferes with the aging process and ultimately can cause your wine to go bad. It is also important to keep your wine away from light, warm temperatures to keep wine in good condition. So as you can see there are some important things you should know about proper wine storage.

The most important thing to bear in mind about choosing a wine rack is where you are going to put it. It will need to be away from noise, warm temperatures, and light, in order to protect the wine. Fine wines can be damaged by noise, heat, and light.

Types of Wine Rack Styles


A lot of people like the design and look of wrought iron, cast, chrome or stainless steel as it works well with a modern decor. The intricate bends and twists allowed in metalworking create far more flexible designs than many materials.

The strength and endurance of metal makes these storage units great for table or counter top display. They are best used in storing new wines that will be consumed more frequently.


Etched glass racks are an original way to make a dramatic display with any collection. Available in both intricate and simple designs, they add a look of elegance to any room. These types of units are not subject to damage from temperature and humidity. They are a perfect way to display wines that are for entertaining and frequent consumption.


Wooden racks are timeless and classic. There is nothing more beautiful than displaying a collection of fine wines in a well-designed wood rack. They are perfect for basements and cellars and long-term storage.

Wood stands can be constructed with mildew resistance capability, while allowing for the absorption of moisture. This is very important in keeping the cork moist and secure in the bottles. All wood parts that come in contact with the bottle should be free of any stain or varnish. Odors from these substances can seep into the wine. So keep that in mind as well.

Knowing what your storage needs will be, will make your wine rack choice much easier to make. Allow the importance of presentation or preservation to be the determining factor.

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