Replace that Old Staircase with Beauty and Added Function

home remodelingMaximizing your living space is just as important as making it look good. When it comes to staircases, however, the ultimate in combining form and function is often completely overlooked in most home remodeling projects. Because when you get right down to it, aren’t stairs simply a way to get from one level to the next, ‘nuff said?

Think again. Including the main staircase (or even making it the focus) in any home renovation can dramatically increase the wow-factor of your house. Not to mention give you some excellent storage options. Even typical cookie-cutter staircase designs can be renovated to the level of modern art, one that brings with it a multi-purpose storage solution.

Home Remodeling and 3 Great Staircase Ideas

  • Bookcase staircase – Books look great and have a way of warming up a space, making it feel lived in and personal. If your so-called library space has been outgrown, you’re probably tired of seeing books stacked on tables and chairs, creating clutter and making it hard to see what’s what, a built-in bookcase under the staircase is the perfect solution. Add some roomy rectangular baskets for keeper magazines and voila—stylish and practical!
  • Staircase drawers – Seriously! With this innovative design, each riser becomes an actual pull-out drawer, which helps to maximize storage space beyond your wildest dreams. It can be used to keep some of your children’s favorite toys close at hand, or become a home for miscellaneous items that don’t have a specific spot elsewhere. If this sounds lavish, remember that you don’t really need a huge home remodeling budget to make it work. Great style and less clutter in any home = winner!
  • Staircase with a bar – Well, why not? If you enjoy entertaining, adding a rollaway bar underneath your staircase is a super fun way to use that space. Simply roll it out when it’s time to mix up the G&Ts or sample some vintage vino in the company of good friends and tuck it back into place when the party’s over. This idea is just one variation on a theme, as plenty of other items, decorative or not, can find a home in an otherwise wasted space. Attractive cabinet-style millwork doors can easily keep things like vacuum cleaners out of sight but within easy reach. Harry Potter never had it so good.

Build a Stairway to Paradise

home remodelingWhether you have a modern, open concept loft design or a more traditional two-storey home, there’s always a way to make a staircase look fashionable without compromising function. Let your home remodeling experts create an attractive showpiece that also features the practicality of plenty of additional storage space.
If you’d like to ramp up the drama factor of your home while magically making a more usable area, it’s time to give your staircase a facelift and put it to work at the same time. With the help of experienced and imaginative home remodeling professionals, your staircase can do double duty every day!

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