First Impressions: Front Door Ideas for Home Remodeling

A newly constructed, modern home doorway and patio.When remodeling your home, don’t forget to pay attention to its curb appeal. A front door makes a statement about your taste and personality. It also gives a visitor an impression of what to expect in the rest of your house.

We’ve all heard the old saying that first impressions count. It’s true. Your choice of front door, and the design of the entryway leading up to it, is very important.

When you buy a home, you can be so busy making changes to the interior that you may forget the front of the house.

Here are a few front door ideas:

Front Door Materials and Designs

What should it be? Wood? Metal? Fiberglass? Front doors come in a whole range of materials, designs and colors.

Classic interior and front wooden iterior doors, front doorsA large, heavy wooden door that’s stained and glossed to highlight its natural grain is timeless and beautiful. Perhaps you may want to include glass panes in your door, which may send a more welcoming message to visitors while also allowing more natural light into your hallway. Or a large entryway with a double door looks grand and successful. Visitors might almost expect a butler to open it for them.

Fiberglass doors can closely mimic the look of wood while keeping costs down. A big advantage they have is that they don’t expand, contract or split like wooden doors can. They’re great for withstanding the elements and have some flexibility in an earthquake.

If you are particularly concerned about security and intruders, steel doors are the strongest and most secure. Yet they can also be made with ornate and elaborate designs.

A bright color on your front door will certainly make a statement, but so will wood with a rich stain and gloss. This is one instance when you may not want to follow trends because choosing color is very personal. Go with what you love and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your front door. Remember that color is easy to change if it doesn’t work out.

Front Door Security

Importantly, don’t forget to decide what kind of lock you want on your front door. The security of your door depends not only on its design and material but also the actual lock. Get expert advice. This is about protecting you, your family and your home.

The Finishing Touch to Your Door

Elegant EntranceDistinctive doorknobs and knockers add character to a front door. Then, in the panel, you could incorporate a design that represents you and your family.

Some people add a welcoming slogan or even a crest. These can be glued onto the door or, for a stunningly elegant finish, you can consider marquetry. This is a technique where the pattern is inlaid into the door, leaving the surface smooth and beautiful.

Applying any or all of these items and techniques requires skillful workmanship, so be sure to ask for professional help. The last thing you want is a botched design or to have the very visible main entrance to your home damaged.

A home remodel can leave you with a lot on your mind. When in doubt, ask an expert. The pros are up to date with all the latest designs, accessories and materials, along with the practicalities of measuring the entrance and including appropriate lighting. Get informed advice to ensure your front door does its job well and also conveys the right first impression.
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