Concrete Countertops… Why They Might Be Right For You

When you are picking a surface for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, concrete most likely isn’t the first material you think of. Who wants countertops that look like a sidewalk, right? Concrete believe it or not has come quite a long way since the days of being material that was used to walk and drive on. Today’s concrete surfaces come in a wide range of colors and styles that goes beautifully with high end homes today.

Concrete countertops tend to be the most unique, personal counter top option because they are made from scratch for each and every client. More and more people keep turning to concrete for countertops when they want high quality, handcrafted piece for their home or office, when they want something that is unique, with colors and textures that can’t be found with any other material, and over time, develops even more character and beauty.

If you are not sure which countertops will look and work the best in your home, consider these reasons for choosing concrete countertops:


With concrete you have so many colors and styles to choose from, almost too many. Concrete can be customized to your need or preference. Honestly your selection in concrete countertops is only limited by your imagination and the range of color and style your contractor offers.


The way concrete is formed, it is able to be molded into just about any shape you need or want. This in turn means if you need your countertops to match the graceful curves of your existing kitchen or bathroom this in no way should be a problem for your concrete contractor. Concrete countertops can be created with a wave sink or slope sink so clean up can be just that much easier.


Concrete is one of the most durable counter top materials out there today. People who have concrete countertops rarely have to worry about chipping or any damage. Concrete is made to last and it holds up very well to everyday wear and tear. When it is installed and maintained properly, it is safe to say you will be enjoying your beautiful countertops twenty years later.


You can actually do so much more than just your basic concrete in assorted colors. You can actually enhance the surface of the concrete with pieces of glass or tile or even personalize it with your own special glass that may have been chipped or broken but you don’t want to get rid of it because of its sentimental value. This allows even more color options to your counter top. Concrete is extremely durable and very versatile and looks very high end in any room. There are just too many advantages to ignore and make sense as to why so many people are using it in their homes today.

I hope this was helpful in making your choice for your home countertops.
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