3 Good Reasons to Get Custom Countertops

granite kitchen worktop samples Whether it’s a small scale remodel or a complete renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, you’re past the phase of settling for cookie cutter product designs and features.

You want to have a range of exclusive looks to choose from, and the ability to tailor-make each aspect of your home’s new look to suit your taste, every step of the way.

That’s where custom countertops come in, bringing a stylish and distinctive vibe to any kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of skilled custom work of any kind is that from concept to creation, it is meant for your space alone, and won’t be duplicated anywhere else. Custom countertops will always prove to be a good investment towards your home’s overall value, especially when top quality materials are used.

Here are just three of the advantages to going with custom countertops:

Get the perfect size – Anything that is customized for the home has one huge assurance: it will fit flawlessly in that particular room or area of the home, providing a premium finish to the space. Even if space is limited or awkward angles abound, a specialist in custom countertop design and fabrication will make it all work perfectly.

Light tones kitchen room with cherry wood cabinets, marble counter tops and modern appliancesDurability does the trick – If you think that only materials such as granite are the most long-lasting for custom countertops, you’ll be surprised by the possibilities your builder can offer these days in some of the less traditional materials such as concrete, which can be polished and treated to stand up to the most punishing treatment, including heat, spills and other damage. The less conventional countertop materials are becoming popular for a reason—they look fantastic and rarely need more than very simple maintenance to keep them, looking new.

Pick the perfect look for your home – Whether for the kitchen or bathroom, good custom countertops will enhance the look and feel of either of these well-used rooms. There are an impressive number of custom countertop materials to choose from, however, including soapstone, granite, marble, butcher block, laminate—even concrete or stainless steel.

Large lnew uxury bathroom with red granite countertops and tubIt’s the proverbial paradox of choice, an embarrassment of riches that can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what material would look just right for your custom countertop, consult with your builders about your personal tastes in tone and texture.

They will have extensive knowledge and experience in this area, and can show you samples of various materials in almost any color.

They will also know which countertop would be the longest lasting and most durable, given the daily demands and needs of your busy family.

Custom Countertops are Peerless

How can you go wrong with a gorgeous new countertop that’s been designed and created just for your personal living space? Not only is the result going to be attractive, practical and unique, it will be seamlessly integrated into your home’s design and the perfect combination of form and function.

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