The Importance of Proper Planning for Your Construction Project

One of the pit falls home owners run into when remodeling or adding on to their home is not completing the planning phase of their construction project.

Phase One: Creative Input

Phase one is easy and fun for you, the home owner, as it really is your dream of a new kitchen, bathroom, remodel or addition. This is the step where your creative input is so important. Many times home owners will do simple sketches or floor plans to get the idea of what they want. Another good source of course is magazines, home centers, the internet etc. to get examples and narrow down your design. When this phase is completed and you have a good idea of what it is that you want you are ready to move on to Phase two.

Phase Two: Budget

When I say budget I mean how much do you have to invest in your kitchen, bathroom, remodel or addition. Part of this budget will have to include the planning phase. Typically 10% of your budget is allocated to architectural designs, drawings and engineering. This phase would also include building and safety fees, construction costs, appliances, fixtures etc.

In order to put together a realistic budget I suggest speaking with friends, family and neighbors who have recently completed a similar project. This will give you a REAL NUMBER to shoot for. Generally speaking bathroom remodels start at about $20k and go up from there. Kitchen remodels start at $50k and go up from there and new additions start at $250 per sq. ft. and go up from there. These numbers are realistic but general and are a good place to start. Once you have determined your realistic budget you can move to phase three.

Phase three: Hiring an Architect/Designer/Draftsman

Since we already have allocated 10% of our budget for the planning phase we can now afford to have our simple drawings put into a proper design drawing. We will use this design drawing for permits or plan check, permitting and bidding out your project. Please keep in mind that changes even in the design phase will add to not only the cost of the design drawings but also to the construction budget. Again picking an architect, designer or draftsman is key. So it is best again to get referrals before you hire. After the design phase is completed we can move on to the next phase of planning.

Phase Four: Bidding Out Your Project for Construction

Now that we have completed the prior phases of planning we can get actual numbers to complete your new project. Again it is best to get referrals from friends, relatives and neighbors before interviewing contractors. Be prepared to have several sets of your completed plans prior to making appointments with potential contractors. They will need their own set of drawings to work from in preparing a bid. It is important to choose your contractor carefully as your relationship with your contractor will continue from the beginning through to at least the end of your project. So make sure you are comfortable with whoever you choose. The old saying that you get what you pay for can be very true in construction. Many jobs fail simply because the contractor under bid the project. I hope this information helps you navigate through the planning phase of your project.

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