How to Choose the Right Home Remodeling Company in Burbank

Remodeling ContractorOver 100,000 families call Burbank home, partly because it is one of the safest areas in California. As the economy has rebounded from the 2008 crisis, and as the community thrives, more people are remodeling their homes. Finding a professional home remodeling company needn’t be a difficult or stressful task. Use some simple tips to hire the right remodeling contractor in Burbank that will finish your job on budget and on time.

Hire Based on Reputation

It can be tempting to hire based solely on the lowest price, but this can be a recipe for trouble. The cheapest ones often have no testimonials (or fake ones), shut down a company and start a new  one after every job (to hide from potential lawsuits), and often are not from the Burbank area.

It’s almost impossible to trust a contractor who doesn’t have remodeling experience in the area.

Hire a home remodeling company with references and recommendations from Burbank homeowners. Explore the company’s website to see their testimonials. In addition, take a look at any home construction associations they are a part of and make sure they are also fully licensed. The internet makes it easy to get a good sense of a contractor’s reputation. But don’t be afraid to call them directly – it can tell you much about their service and professionalism.

Factor Past Remodeling Work

Home remodeling companies build a good reputation if they do quality work.

There’s no better way to trust recommendations and reviews than to see completed jobs yourself. Ask to see a remodeling company’s complete portfolio of the Burbank homes they’ve worked on. Good contractors will respect their clients’ privacy while still having nothing to hide. If they have permission, they should readily show you homes around Burbank that showcase their services.

Some contractors can be better with one area of a home than another, so be specific in checking out projects they have done so you will get the service you need.

Review the Remodeling Contract

Remodeling ContractBefore you hire a home remodeling company, carefully review the details of the contract like overall cost, material brands, labor costs, warranties and so on. The warranty and the contractor’s insurance are particularly important – go over them very carefully and seek advice if you are unsure.

The contract will also list important details about scheduling, permits, possible subcontractors, debris removal and cleanup. The more you know about the remodeling contract, the fewer surprises there should be.

Don’t be afraid to communicate, ask questions, add things or make changes. You are the customer. A good remodeling company will make sure you’re satisfied. This is also a good chance to further test their skills in communication and customer service.

Consider More Than the Cost

Depending on the project, a home remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Consider how you get along with your potential contractor while reviewing the contract. Think about how well they communicate and answer your questions. Compare your interactions with the quality of their professional portfolio, references and reviews.

Choosing a reliable home remodeling company in Burbank doesn’t need to be difficult. A little time invested now can be so worth the effort when you see the results. There are distinct advantages to hiring a remodeling company with highly trained teams who know and love Burbank and have a strong local reputation. They care about the community and the people who make it so great.

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