Buying and Installing on Your Own Compared to Hiring A Contractor:

I know there are those of us who want to save a lot of money on a remodel in their home, or want a remodel but don’t have the money to pay for a contractor. There is nothing wrong with doing it all yourself but it can end up costing more than you think.

Hiring A Contractor

The smartest and easiest way to ensure there will be little to no problems on your remodel is to go with a contractor. Here at RWT Design & Construction we are here for you every step of the way so you don’t have to worry about anything except figuring out what you want your remodel to look like in the end. It is wise to not go with the first or cheapest contractor you find but to go with the one that you trust and who you can tell knows what he/she is doing. Then you know you will get a quality product from him instead of a slipshod remodel that won’t last. Also very important, make sure the contractor is fully licensed and insured. You can always ask him for his license number and look it up to make sure it is valid.

If you want to raise the value of your home, it is smart to do a quality remodel that lasts a long time, not just a year and starts to fall apart. You hire a contractor because they are the experts in the field of remodeling. We have had to help many people with mistakes they have made from trying to do it themselves and it wasn’t always pretty.

Another great thing to know about hiring a contractor is that before you can do a remodel you have to make sure you can pull permits for it. The contractor goes to Building and Safety and handles all of the legal paper work by pulling permits before starting the project. Just getting a permit can be very time consuming and frustrating. I know, I have been down there myself many times. But you need to make sure it is all legal and have a permit otherwise you will not have the value of your home increased with the work you have done. It can actually make it harder to sell your home if you have un-permitted work done on your home. Most home owners don’t even know this. But everyone should know this. Do all the research you can before deciding how you want to do your home remodel.

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