All the Right Reasons for a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationIn any home, nothing beats a sensational bathroom, laid out just the way you want it and with all the right features and fixtures. If you’ve been holding off on that bathroom renovation for long enough, here are some good reasons to help get you going.

Room to Breathe – Make it bigger. The last thing you want is to plan the perfect bathroom renovation and feel that you’re still cramped inside a too-small room. Whether you’re on your own or need to accommodate a growing family, additional bathroom space is always worth it. A creative home remodeling and renovation expert will find clever ways to magically make a little more square footage a reality.

Fix Pesky Problems – Aside from looking drab and like it belongs in another era, a dated bathroom often has many problems. This includes annoying quirks with the toilet, tub and shower, or just the plumbing in general. And that light above the sink that keeps going out for no apparent reason, even when you change the bulb. A full-scale bathroom renovation provides the perfect opportunity to address any outstanding or annoying issues with inadequate plumbing or electrical. Fix it all at once by starting from scratch.

More Storage Space – You may think this automatically goes along with the above idea of making it bigger, but not necessarily so. You can have a massive bathroom and still lack adequate storage; it all hinges on good planning and design. When a bathroom renovation includes the installation of custom cabinets, counters and shelves, you can maintain an uncluttered look while having places for everything you need to have on hand, from towels to toiletries.

Bring Things Up to Date – A complete bathroom renovation is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your existing fixtures and overall theme. Unify and update the look with the latest design trends and functional fixtures, such as a rain shower head and sleek, fuss-free lighting. Remodeling gives any bathroom a whole new life.

bathroom renovationUp the Luxury Level – While you’re at it, why not treat yourself? The bathroom, for most people, is a personal space where they can relax and de-stress. Make it even more soothing by ramping up the spa-like atmosphere you really love. Go for attractive and adjustable lighting, a Jacuzzi tub, even your very own steam bath or sauna and other top of the line amenities. Create a truly sumptuous space that lets you feel pampered at the end of a grueling day.

Boost Your Investment – From a practical property owner’s perspective, a top quality bathroom renovation can only increase the overall value of your home. Bonus.

If you’re finally ready to have that long overdue bathroom renovation, bring an experienced and innovative builder on board to make your dreams a reality. Still need convincing? Shut the door and dim the lights. That spa-like tub awaits!

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