Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: How to have the Most Relaxing Bathroom

Spa BathWhat do you think of when you think of your bathroom? A functional space? A place where you rush? Too much clutter? Stress? Peace? Cleaning? A room needing remodeling?

Because we are in it so often, it makes sense that the bathroom should conjure calm, pleasant, even peaceful feelings. It should be a place where we not only wash, but where we remove the stresses of the day and find balance again.

One of the most influential teachers who ever lived, Buddha, said, “What we think, we become.” To think tranquil, grounded and peaceful thoughts, it helps to be surrounded by a Zen-like environment.

Follow these Zen bathroom remodeling ideas. A few moments each day in the bathroom could be your new key to relaxation.

Connect With Nature

 Modern Bathroom DesignSimplicity is a major element of a relaxing bathroom design. Simple earth tones are a must, as is having some natural surroundings or view.

One idea is to install a Japanese style tub with a Japanese garden, even including some blossoms or bonsai trees.

An outdoor bathroom would be ideal, especially in our Californian climate. Consider a little veranda or platform for the bathroom with a polished stone tub and Indonesian or Thai wood stylings for the backdrop wall and rooftop.

For inside, if Asian stylings aren’t your thing, wrap your bathroom in wood like Douglas Fir. Not only will this convey the effect of a sauna and spa, the wood tone is also a calming connection with nature. Warm wood tones are good, but so are more neutral and pale woods to soften the effect on your eyes.

Perhaps your idea of Zen involves a mixture of stone and wood. When combined with plentiful natural light, this creates true connection with nature and a reminder of the mystic East. You will want to light some incense and meditate your cares away.

If sheer decadent luxury is your thing, you can still have a calming bathroom. Incorporate some wide arched or floor-to-ceiling windows facing the garden or water view and fill the bathroom with marble and gold colorings.

Simplicity is Beauty

Luxury Bath DesignJust remember: less is more. Adding more elements goes against what you are trying to accomplish.

The room should flow visually. Simple stonework is perfect for countertops, backsplash and shower recess. Otherwise picture a plain white or stone tub with waterfall faucets. Clear glass shower walls are good, but designing the shower area so screens are not necessary is even more Zen.

Finally, use neutral earth colors with some Japanese inspired lighting. Then include a few stone figurines or sculptures of simple design. It will amaze you how calming and elegant austerity can be.

Serenity Through Clean Lines

The air, light and energy that flow through the bathroom are all very important. Go for countertops, vanities, cabinetry and window coverings that incorporate simple lines. Window coverings could include bamboo blinds and wood shutters. The same concept applies to bathrooms drawers, shelves, shower doors and more. Simple and straight lines are soothing to the eyes.In the hustle and bustle of this world, a safe haven that rejuvenates you is priceless. The time and money invested in bathroom remodeling for a Zen experience will reward you with a higher quality of life.

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