4 Terrific Trends for Master Bathroom Remodeling

These days, when stress is the norm and work days are demanding, your home’s master bathroom can be something of a sacred space, providing privacy, relaxation, and more than a little pampering.

Whether creating a master bathroom from scratch or remodeling an existing one, take the time to put some thought and thorough planning into the design phase to focus on the features you want most. Your construction company can help you to brainstorm and bring your ideas to life.

To get you started, here are four of the priorities being included in current cutting edge master bathroom renovations:

Soak in Some Serenity

Young woman take bubble  bath.Flickering candles, a glass of wine… and a tiny tub? Not going to do the trick after a grueling day, when all you want is to lie back in a froth of scented bubbles and decompress.
A separate soaking or Jacuzzi tub is the ticket to completely luxurious relaxation, and few people are building or remodeling master bathrooms these days without incorporating one.
Sure, it will have jets and a heater, but you’ll also need to make decisions about overall size, depth, and even shape. Consult with your builders about what’s available and will work best in your new bathroom.

Sunken Treasure

Details of modern design trendy  kitchen sink with water tap faucetWhen it comes right down to it, who likes to share their sink space? Especially when mornings are rushed enough as it is. Well, thanks to the convenience of double sunken sinks, you really don’t have to.

This includes individual counter space, drawers and a separate mirror for each person. Sinks that are continuous, or seamlessly integrated right into the actual countertop, are gaining in popularity. They look streamlined and elegant, and have the added advantage of being super easy to clean and maintain, with no opportunity for leaks around sink edges and so on. Add some gorgeous polished chrome faucets and Double sinks are practical and attractive, and have probably been known to save many a marriage.

Mirror, Mirror…

Modern bathroom, with double round sinks.  When you’re going for double sinks, having a separate mirror above each one only makes sense from a functional standpoint. But it’s also an opportunity to have some fun with décor, showcasing each mirror one in a different but complementary antique frame, for example—variations on a design theme work well in bathrooms that don’t scrimp on space. Try one square and one oval, but with a similar distressed gold wood finish.

Or is it a mirror?

Detail of ultra modern public bathroom interior, decorated with live orchid flower and TV showing views of mountainsNow, here’s where it really gets decadent. Maybe you’re settled into your sensational soaker tub and yearning for some relaxing entertainment. Have you heard of vanity mirror TVs?

This ingenious invention combines an ultra-thin LED with a large mirror, turning your bathroom mirror into an actual television screen. The system has built-in speakers, which saves space and looks uncluttered, and the TVs come with waterproof remote controls, so no worries about getting it wet. When the TV is turned off, it looks just like a regular mirror. Magical!

Let skilled builders produce bathroom renovations that turn your personal space into a mini-spa, with deluxe touches such as rain shower heads and towel warmers. When it’s all done, your job is to luxuriate.

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