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Bathroom Remodel

Quality Bathroom Remodels – Serving Los Angeles, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Southern California
A luxury bathroom remodel can add beauty, increased functionality and value to your home.

Choosing RWT Design & Construction as your remodeling contractor is the wise choice if you are interested in changing, upgrading or enhancing your existing bathroom or bathrooms. We have the expertise and years of experience in bathroom remodeling for high-end, luxury homes in the Los Angeles area and beyond. And we can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate that is realistic and based on best practices for quality remodels.

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At RWT, our motto is, “We always deliver what we promise.” So we will work diligently to provide you with the aesthetic and functional bathroom upgrade you have envisioned. We use only the best materials and products in our projects and we offer them to you at reasonable prices.

If remodeling your bathroom entails increasing its size, we are also specialists in home additions which can include increasing the size of existing rooms. We often open up spaces in a home and add windows or doors that further enhance the area. So whatever your remodeling vision entails, we have the expertise to bring it to fruition.

Because we have our own mill, we are able to make custom cabinets, doors and windows in-house that are tailored to your specific remodeling needs. We always want the homeowner to have the best options available.

Seriously Considering a Bathroom Remodel?

When you embark upon a home remodel or building project, you need to trust the contractor you retain. That means you must trust that they have the experience, the integrity and the craftsmanship to really deliver the goods. We do, as you can see from our client testimonials, and we are dedicated to client satisfaction in all aspects of our work, including cleanliness and respect of your property.

If you are concerned about the fact that you will be living in your house while the remodel is underway, you need to be aware that we will always treat your home and your property with the respect and consideration that you are looking for. We welcome and will address any questions or concerns you may have and look forward to serving you.

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